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Why is HIPAA Video Conferencing So Important?

Why is HIPAA Video Conferencing So Important? We live in an age where an increasing amount of patient data is stored and transmitted on digital systems. Even though this boosts efficiency and often increases he...


HIPAA Compliance in the Digital Era

HIPAA Compliance in the Digital Era While specific HIPAA rules govern traditional in-office healthcare delivery, there is a subset of HIPAA particularly relevant in the digital era. Congress planned for the dig...


Choosing the Best HIPAA Compliant Videoconferencing

How Can You Choose the Best HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing? HIPAA compliant video conferencing is crucial to many industries, but especially in the world of healthcare delivery. Digital technology tools can...


How to Record Patient Videos Safely

Recording and HIPAA Video Conferencing Today, doctors and other clinical care providers frequently record their patient video conferences to ensure that a history of care is created for the patient. However, th...


The Bottom Line — Is Video Conferencing HIPAA Compliant?

The Bottom Line — Is Video Conferencing HIPAA Compliant? Ultimately, HIPAA compliance exists for a very important reason; protecting the patient and their confidential information is your priority, and always s...


What is HIPAA?

HIPAA and Healthcare If you work in the healthcare industry, you’re already aware of the need for HIPAA compliance. Most clinical providers have processes in place to ensure HIPAA compliance in all applicable a...


Which Companies and Entities are Affected by HIPAA Compliance?

Which Companies and Entities are Affected by HIPAA Compliance? Healthcare is a patchwork of complex care delivery workflows, and HIPAA compliance affects most of these entities and providers. For example, anyon...


Why Consider Cross-Border Health?

Following COVID 19, Hospitals in the Medical tourism sector are facing dwindling bottom lines with little relief in sight. Faced with ever-increasing costs, outsourcing in the global healthcare sector is experi...

Government Industries

Understanding Government Strategy in Cross-Border Health

Most studies on medical tourism have privileged national governments as key actors in medical tourism facilitation and regulation and, in some cases, even provision. However, with the multiplication of supra- a...

Government Industries

What is Governments Roles in Cross-Border Health?

Medical tourism remains an industry that is predominantly a commercial response to a demand or health care driven by consumers. We use the term ‘medical tourism’ in a somewhat restrictive fashion: the self-sele...